A slice of heaven in East Coast Taiwan


Windsurfing in Dulan and around

Windsurfing can be wild and so it’s the east coast of Taiwan. The east coastline is totally exposed to the Pacific Ocean, so when it’s not the odd typhoon passing by, it’s a NE wind from the monsoons, both bringing wind, waves and expectation. Dulan Beach an other nearby spots provide beautiful conditions for wave sailing. And plus, the water is warm all year round, so it couldn’t get better.

Windsurfing, although is quite popular in the north of Taiwan or the Penghu Islands, is still a fews people sport.  When the wind blows (and oh yeah it blows),  we are rarely a crowd of more than 5 people, so basically you have the vast ocean all for yourself.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry! Not everyday is howling. We have the right material for beginner windurfers. And besides, we know some protected beaches where you can learn the basics and test your skills in a safer environment.

Rent a board + rig

Rent board: $1000
Rent rig: $1000
Check all the material we have at Wagaligong

Take a lesson

Take a lesson: $2000
Book a lesson now calling Fede 0903-292623 or make a

Take a tour

Make the most of your windsurfing adventure by hitting some of the best spots around. Or go for a downwind without having to worry about tacking back, so you can explore while windsurfing and riding all the waves you can. We will have our van waiting for you at the other end.
Windsurf tour: $3000 (Van and rental included)

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