A slice of heaven in East Coast Taiwan

Surfing & SUP

Surfing in Dulan

Surfing is becoming more and more popular in Taiwan, but still keeps the charm of uncrowded beaches where you can often enjoy the waves all to yourself. The weather in Taiwan is mild tropical and the water is always warm, and in Dulan we can brag about having the sunniest weather of all Taiwan.

Cape Paradise is located right at the north end of Dulan Beach, that is a perfect learning spot. A soft shore-break and sandy bottom makes it very suitable for beginners, and spend the first times riding the soft foam.

On Typhoon season, roughly from May to November, is when we get the most epic waves. Typhoons come and go and they are very difficult to predict, and often bring a good break from the summer heat. Usually the swell is good the days before and after the typhoon, but when the typhoon makes landfall you’d better don’t go inside the water

Rent a Board:

Rent a board starting at NT$400 half day / NT$500 full day
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Take a Lesson:

Beginner lessons are NT$1500 for 2 hours with rental included for the full day. Prices for groups are as follow: 2 people (NT$1400/pax), 3 people (NT$1300/pax)… and so on)
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