A slice of heaven in East Coast Taiwan


Enjoy the ocean

So how have you decided to enjoy the water today? We have a full range of different water sports to choose, according to your preference, the weather and your skill abilities.

Is it windy? Then maybe you can learn sailing or windsurfing, our instructor will be glad to arrange a lesson with you according to your level and experience. Or if you want to just lay back and relax we can take you out for a ride in one of our boats,  the instructor will do the sailing and you can enjoy the seascape and take pictures. Also you can have a go in our sail-kayak, if you want to have a different and new experience.

Are there waves? Then it’s time to go surfing. Rent a board or take a lesson with our friends in Wagaligong. We have boards for all styles and skill levels, and we can show you some spots around. We are right by the water, so just say it and you will be surfing in 5 minutes.

Wind and waves together? If you are an experienced windsurfing we have pro material to do some wave windsurfing. Take your pick of board and rig according to wind strength and conditions.

What if it’s flat? No worries. It might be time to take an SUP and feel like standing on the water, or rent a kayak and go for a look around (or fishing). Best time for SUP is early mornings or evenings, when the wind hasn’t picked up yet or when it dies before dusk. So it might be a good excuse to see the sunrise (sorry no sunsets in the East Coast, although is beautiful anyway).

What about safety?

We know the ocean can be a daunting place, and that is why in Cape Paradise we want to provide you some reassurance when spending your time in the water. If you rent any equipment from us we will keep an eye on your well-being. We have a rescue boat and trained life-guard to assist you any time. If you drift to far away and you can’t come back, or you have any emergency on the water we will spot you and help you as fast as we can.