A slice of heaven in East Coast Taiwan


What is Sailing

Sailing is the sport of moving in the water by the power of the wind.  It’s been practised since ancient years and has a lot of tradition all over the world. Sailing is a great opportunity to get in touch with nature and explore the coast from an exceptional point of view.

What do we offer

Sailing experience for anyone who is interested in having a first contact with the sport, you can experience sailing in one of our hobie cats.  Feel the wind on your face and enjoy the blue pacific ocean. Take a peak of Dulan breathtaking landscape from afar and let the instructor do the job. This way you can enjoy the ride without having to worry about the difficult bits. Of course, if you are interested we will give you some basic knowledge about how a boat works and let you have a try at steering

Sailing classes if you are interested in learning how to operate a simple boat on you own. Learn how to sail independently in our one-person dinghy or 2-3 people catamarans. You will learn how to use the sails, the ropes and safety procedure. You can take an introductory class of 3 hours where you will learn basic sail and rudder control, rope work, safety, how to prepare a boat and how to get in and out of the water.

We recommend 3 to 4 classes to fully learn the basics of sailing and control a boat without the assistance of an instructor. If you are interested in pursuing the sport then you can get our 4-class package or become a member of Cape Cafe Sailing.