A slice of heaven in East Coast Taiwan

Meet The Team

Fonge- After a youth of travel around the world, and a successful life as a businessman in the IT business in Taipei, he decided to retire in the East Coat of Taiwan. With a very entrepreneur personality he has taken up many projects in the region, and Cape Paradise is the gemstone of all of them. After a busy life in the city he has decided to enjoy his retirement watching the waves roll in the pacific ocean and playing golf with the cool seabreeze, in a similar way like Siddharta decided to spend his last years watching the water flow ferrying people across the river.

Nigel- With a mix background of the Netherlands and Indonesia, grown up in Curaçao, the Caribbean, studied French-style cuisine and specialized in asian fusion style. After 10 years of professional experience he landed in Cape Paradise and became part of the project, and now he is the main Chef behind our ktichen. Body-boarder from a young age, and islanded, he has found his peace of heaven in the East Coast of Taiwan.

Fede- Started travailing the world from a young age and after doing teaching sailing in many countries decided to start his own place. He found in Dulan the perfect mix of ocean, landscape and opportunity to settle down for a bit. He is the main Coach behind the watersports and gives the restaurant some Spanish flavour.

Staff. Cape Paradise wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful, friendly and hardworking team of staff. The team takes care of our beach bar, preparing refreshing and tasty shakes and coffee, and takes care that the place keeps running smoothly. Our staff work in different sections according to their skills, such as the bar, the wood shop, the garden or watersports. If you are interested in joining the team, please drop us a line with your skills and availability.