A slice of heaven in East Coast Taiwan


Kayaking in the East Coast of Taiwan

The good thing about Kayaking is that it’s easy to learn and you can be autonomous pretty much from the first day. Many consider kayaking as the entry sport for any other water sport. Kayaks are easy to handle and to steer, they are not very heavy, and can be manned by one or two persons.

We have  some variety of vessels. We have several Sit-on-Tops kayaks, made of plastic that can fit one or two persons, as well as fiber-glass ocean kayaks, for more advance paddlers. You can also check-out our Hobie Mirage, a fusion between a kayak and a sailing boat, that you can use it as a normal kayak or fit a sail to use the power of the wind.


Rent a kayak

  •  1 hour – $ 500 / person
  • Afternoon – $800 / person

(includes snack and refreshment at the end of the session)

+ add an instructor to go with you for $ 500 / hr